Popular Music of the Olden

The Compleat Strawhead / Discography

Each album is chronologically listed with the catalogue number and a selection of significant tracks from it. If you want to reference all the tracks that have been recorded you can access the PDF file here .

You can go to the correct page for the chosen album by reference to the Page No. given as P.... after each album title


1977 Farewell Musket Pike and Drum TSR 026 P1
Malt's Come Down Cawsand Bay Admiral Benbow When The King Enjoys His Own Again

1978 Fortunes of War TSR 032 P1
The Rochester Recruiting Sergeant Over The Hills and Far Away The Winning of Cales Napoleon on St Helena

1979 Songs from the Book of England TSR 035/6 P2

Drink Old England Dry Who liveth so merry Clever Tom Clinch Marching Along Flowers of the Forest

1982 Through Smoke and Fire TSR 040 P3
General Wolfe Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna Where Golden Grass doth Grow

1984 Gentlemen of Fortune TSR 045 P3
Eldorado Spanish Armada Raleigh's Last Goodnight Spanish Ladies

1985 Sedgemoor DRGN851 P4
Road that leads to Sedgemoor The Subject's Joy Monmouth's landed in the West Scotch Song1679

1987 Law lies Bleeding DRGN872 P5
Impossibilities A Catch I live not where I love When Cannons are Roaring

1989/2002 New Vintage / Late Bottled Vintage CRM 052 P5/12
Eldorado Trafalgar Rochester Recruiting Sergeant Spanish Ladies Over the Hills and far away

1990 Tiffin DRGN892 P6
The Old Blue Lion Have some Madeira, my dear The Beggar Comes Captain Stratton's Fancy Ben Backstay

1992 The Old Lamb and Flag DRGNCD902 P7
Battle of Preston When this old hat was new Peterloo Massacre The Cotton Lords of Preston Preston Mashers

1994 Victorian Ballads DRGNCD941 P8
Uncle Ned Steam Packet Seaport Town of Manchester Vegetable Pills Have you seen my Pussy?

1995 A Walled Town and a Ragged Staff DRGNCD951 P8
Battle of Barnet Babylon is Fallen Warwickshire at War

1997 Songs of the Civil War CRM 064 P9
Marching Along Vive le Roy A Catch Cavalilly Men Marching Song of the New Model Army

1999 Argent CRM 2000 P10
Nothing Ever Happens Between the Wars Sweet Baby James Last Train

2001 Sweethearts, Salts and Soldiers CRM 055 P11
Ten Thousand Miles Away Lass that loves a Sailor Dream of Napoleon Done Over Darby Kelly

2002 A Hertfordshire Garland CRM 057 P12
Spanish Armada The Cricketer Canst thou not weave bonelace An Health to Queen Victoria Marble Halls

2003 Tyrants of England CRM 085 P13
Handloom Weaver's Lament Chartists Anthem Cotton Lords of Preston Vegetable Pills

2004 'So the Boys...' - The First Ten Years CRM135 P14
Malts Come Down Saucy Princes Own Carolan's Draught Bonny Bunch of Roses July 1916

2005 Bold Nelson's Praise CRM140/1, CRMDV140 P15
Tom Tough Death of Lord Nelson Death of Parker Banks of the Nile On Board the Victory Agnus Dei

2005 On Board a '98 CRM 146 P16
Sea Songs March Bunch of Roses Parker the Delegate On Board the Victory Here's to the Navy Again

2007 Sovereigns CRM 170 P17
Chapter of Kings Henry V's Conquest of France The Queen at Tilbury Let Our Great James Come Over Do it no More

2010 A Soldier's Life CRM 214 P18

Poor but Honest Soldier Jamie Foyers Burial of Sir John Moore Deserter Battle of Waterloo