Popular Music of the Olden

The Compleat Strawhead / Discography

The Compleat STRAWHEAD....



.... a hard backed CD album sized book , tracing the history of the band in a scrapbook style.

Inside its covers are two discs encompassing the complete recorded history of the band.

These include over 300 tracks ranging from the first album in 1977 to the final one in 2010.

In essence, the albums include those made at Tradition Sound Recordings, unavailable for many years, the Dragon Records albums, and those made at Cock Robin Music in the later years.

One album, Argent , along with sundry other tracks, could not be regarded as 'Popular Music of the Olden Time', so this appears as an audio CD entitled ' Popular Music of the Modern Time'.

All the other albums are on the other disc entitled ' Popular Music of the Olden Time', which is an Audio DVD, each track being in mp3 format. *

All this is topped off with a 320 page pdf book, on the Audio DVD, containing all the words and sources of the songs, with images of all album covers and inserts..

All in all a monumental and definitive album you should not miss.

Purchasing your copy of 'The Compleat Strawhead'

If you wish to purchase this celebratory compilation, please read on.......


The Compleat STRAWHEAD costs £ 30.00 GBP inc UK P & P

To order a copy please e-mail

He will confirm payment methods and, for sales outside the UK, any additional mailing costs.

This unique product has been made possible with the kind permission of the various record companies the albums were originally recorded for.

Thanks go to Fellside Records for the Tradition Albums , Dragon Records for albums on that label, Cock Robin Music for the recent albums, and Pete Coe for supplying the song that was arguably Strawhead's best known ditty.

* The Audio DVD uses mp3 format, perfect for computers, smartphones and tablets. It will not play in a pure CD player and though a DVD contains no video.

Although 'The Compleat STRAWHEAD' contains full details of all tracks , you can still check the discography as text by clicking here